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Need a Cocking Handle Cover for 38/4X

Mad Machinist

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Im not sure if we have a spare one or not. Dont forget that the cocking knob is threaded AND pinned both.

I have several cocking knobs.....and still looking for a box of parts.....that is somewhere in one of the black holes in the old shop building....I have one of the broken sheet metal shrouds that worst case I will have to borrow a friends square wave tig and try and put together......20 years ago I could tig a hole in a beer can......not so much these days.....hands aren't nearly as steady and eyes not as sharp. :blush: Give me a shout at the shop (www.maconarmory.com) if you finds one or two you can part with.....I have stuff I can trade or money to buy.....LOL....I know I have spare reciever end caps and trigger giards and barrel bands and some fire control stuff......

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Www.frontline-militaria.com has decent reproductions offered on their site......

Just ordered some MP40 stuff there, didn't see any Beretta M38/42/43/44 stuff.....have a link perhaps? Repop is fine, these are gonna be postie shooters


Sorry, I read 38/4X in your post, meaning MP38/40. The site I recommended doesn't have Beretta parts.

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