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Doug Richardson's Website

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As someone new to researching Thompsons Doug Richardsons name comes up repeatedly.


If you are interested, his website, blog, and other information is available. It's a little heartbreaking to read bit I found it invaluable from a historical perspective.



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Unfortunately California is crazy and after the wildfire devastated his property, they deemed it a super fund site and wanted a insane amount to dig up and remove the top 3 feet of soil.

I had wondered what happened with the property after the big fires. Strange stuff. A friend of mine got spared by like 2 blocks.

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"The Home of The Thompson".


Doug said that he actually had his shop and built receivers here before moving to Chatsworth and eventually Central America.


Malibu is a beautiful 8 miles of California beachline devastated by wildfires every year.


In addition, there are no sewers, only septic draining to the ocean, limiting growth to one-acre-plus buildable lots for even the smallest of houses.

Exactly what the residents want. Privacy. ...Phil



2100 McReynolds Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 | Trulia

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Mr Richardson will be greatly missed in the Thompson Collector Community.

Spoke to him by phone in the late 1990's early 2000's several times.

Ordered numerous Parts,Books,Tools and his Quality Built Display Receivers from him.

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When did Doug Richardson die. I bought a receiver and some other small items from him?. I think it was around 2012, i have had no contact with him since. He got upset with me.-Phil A.

Hi, somewhere Reconbob made a post about it.

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