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Italy and France are Close.......

Mad Machinist

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Mad Machinist,


I know someone who may be interested. Whats the price, and can you share some photos of the mags?




David Albert


David......I can take some more pictures......I had two on GB and these are the ones with the auction. All mags are in basically same condition. Other than some discoloration (they are damn near 100 yeas old :D) they are in excellent condition and still coated in preservative. One has a SLIGHT dent toward the bottom but nothing that would effect operation. I have a total of eight of these..... I would value them in the $100 to $125 dollar range simply due to rarity....But I am open to offers/trades and pretty much can't be insulted. I just want them to go to a gun and get used...... :D As far as trades.....I need an M1/M1A1 lower









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