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Former Thompson Parts Seller Convicted of Thought Crimes

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Please do not move this post out of the Thompson section 


So a lot of people are aware of the Auto Keycard case, we’re two guys are charged with having manufacturing and trafficking a machine gun by selling etching of a DIAS on a piece of metal. This case has gotten national attention and raised 100,000s of dollars in legal defense donations


A lesser known case is the Patrick Adamiak case (GB name blackdog arsenal)


I’ve known Pat for 5 years and he is getting completely railroaded by the atf on nonsense charges, which have already got him kicked out of the navy and thrown in jail. 


They went after him on buying and selling a saw cut receiver


A DD charge for buying a title 1 receiver(m79) from Big Daddy Unlimited, which he has a 4473 for


A DD charge for buying a title 1 receiver(m203) from Big Daddy Unlimited, which he has a 4473 for


Even though these frames are readily available and can be bought with a regular transfer. They Charged him because of the possibility of having DD


Then they Repaired a dummy Rpg by patching the hole in the blast chamber and installing a fire control group and charged him with another DD charge


Each of the 5 charges has the potential of a lengthy prison sentence. This guy already has had is career in the Navy ruined and has spent boat load of his own money on legal fees


Even a few dollars by a large group of people will go a long way.


Please donate what you can to Pat legal defense fund and together we are try to correct this injustice 







This video starts at the 2:00 mark after the ads 

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There is a bit more to this story than what your link goes into.

"ATF agents executed a search warrant on Adamiak’s home in Virginia Beach in April, and found 25 additional unregistered machine guns, two grenade launchers and two antitank missile launchers. The affidavit states agents also found five improvised explosive devices."






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I skimmed through the above articles, and what caught my attention was the reference to single saw cut receivers which you sometimes see on Gunbroker.com.

My understanding was that ATF had updated its requirements for destroying receivers at some point in time, which required multiple cuts to the receiver.  I seem to recall someone posting an ATF guide with these requirements.  However, if the receiver was destroyed under "old" requirements and was single saw cut it was legal to possess because at the time the receiver was "destroyed" it was in compliance with ATF requirements was my understanding based on some discussion on this Forum as I recall off the top of my head.  I don't know the answer and have no interest in cut receivers but if someone is looking for a parts kit the cost is usually higher if it has a single saw cut receiver.  My understanding was that those that had the proper license to manufacture could use such a receiver to make a post-sample gun.

One of the above articles does seem to indicate that a key issue is whether there is intent to use such a receiver to make a machine gun.

I suppose for collectors the question becomes if you see a single saw cut receiver parts kit on Gunbroker.com should you avoid it.  I assume so but not sure of the answer. 

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I recall that federal court has just ruled that ATF can not regulate parts of a receiver.  So maybe that is good news for the sailor?

The correct way to buy a single saw cut lower.

1.  Make the deal and pay.  Then the seller sends one of the halves.

2. Render the receiver half incapable of full auto usage.  Such as by filling the sear hole.

3. The seller sends the other half.

The buyer never had a MG.  For all the buyer knows the halves were sent from different locations and were never near one another.


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5 hours ago, benedw60 said:

Please do not move this post out of the Thompson section 

I understand the problem you talk about but his legal issues aren't a Thompson history related topic, that's why we have off topic areas on the forum. 

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I don't know anything about the two cases referenced above. But I do know being a machine gun owner in the United States of America is a heavily regulated federal and/or state privilege available for people in about 37 states. I also know the possession of too many bits and pieces of machine gun receivers is a way to get into trouble unless one has the proper federal license and follows the regulations to the letter of the law. We can debate all the points of this ad nauseum, but the final decision will be made by an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) after case presentment by a Special Agent of some federal agency, usually ATF. Yes, a trial jury and the appellate courts are the final arbiter of any decision to prosecute but this is long after the damage to one's life has been done. There are way too many Internet experts and sellers whose advice and products (think solvent traps) can get one into trouble. I cannot help those people; they know it all. However, for those new enthusiasts to the machine gun community, be very careful of what you buy and collect. If you cannot afford the National Firearms Act (NFA) products, do not try to short cut the laws. The consequences can be devastating.     

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We all should agree it's ALL a 2nd Amendment Infringement and should help based on that alone. The first time in years there's momentum gaining against the NFA and we should be helping EVERY case to prevent any Precedents from being set.!!. Your Not a true 2A supporter if you support ANY of these laws. Yes do what you have to do to stay legal ,but 2A owners need to unite. Too many older crowd happy with what they have and are like damn the rest and that's wrong 

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