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WTB M60 Parts

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I have some m60 parts. I have a receiver shell, 1 e2 barrel assembly, 1 e3 stock set and fcg, 1 set of semi rails, one set of the fully rails sarco was selling years ago, one nos sheet metal for the top cover NOT the top cover! one set of rivets, one e3 bipod. one fcg retainer spring, 1 semi sear trip. Ill put up a picture(KIMG0130.thumb.JPG.4fb63d0f5daac98440d0a6597d0d9388.JPGlinks pictured are not included) in a couple. If I sell I want to sell all the parts. I had them posted on weapons guild a couple weeks ago for 4k. the semi sear trips are pretty much un obtainable and I've never been able to actually find a price on one. I've recently gotten into mg42/ mg3s so I would be very interested in trading for any of that stuff.

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