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My Eugene Reising Firearm Book is Finally Available, 11/21/22


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This new book has been in the works for 8 years, and as of this morning, is available for purchase on Amazon.  The book's title is "The Many Firearm Designs of Eugene Reising," written by me, and published by Amazon.  The foreword is by Frank Iannamico.  "Thompson Printers" in Newark, OH did the cover layout. 😎

It is available at the following link:


Amazon is currently selling the book for 20% off the list price of $59.99, so they are $47.96 at this moment.  You will not be able to get one any cheaper from me, and I don't yet have any author copies in hand.  I expect to have some copies available around December 4th, and will make some signed copies available when I receive them.  If you want the book now, buy it on Amazon!  

For the first time since my early start of the book, I read it all the way through over the weekend.  It affirmed to me just how much information, and especially how much new information is included.  This book will not win any artistic awards, and it's not a marvel of digital layout.  It's full of collector and historical information, and hundreds of photos.  It contains over 46,600 written words, plus thousands more included in letters, manuals, and vintage advertising content.  It is a 350 page paperback book, in 6" x 9" format, printed in color.

So, why would this new book on Eugene Reising be interesting to me?  There are many reasons.  

  • It covers Eugene Reising's career from start to finish, with information gained from research and family resources, including some very surprising twists and turns
  • The history of Harrington and Richardson Arms Co. (H&R) is covered more than in any other previously published work, including a very detailed account of the H&R bankruptcy, and subsequent activity since the original company folded in 1986
  • Learn about Eugene Reising's involvement with the design and adoption of the iconic M1911 pistol, while working with legendary gun designer John Browning, and stumping for the pistol with the likes of John T. Thompson
  • If you like marksmanship, you will be impressed with Mr. Reising's proficiency, how it relates to the M1911, and how it influenced his designs
  • Included in the book, printed in their entirety are two manuals for the MC-58 Rifle from my collection that have been virtually unobtainable - They are USMC TM-ORD-2000, and USMC SL-4-01423A - This includes a technical manual, and a stock list - This content is worth the price of the book by itself
  • The Reising .22 Automatic Pistol is covered in great detail, which is a subject that has had very little coverage previously
  • New information on the Reising Model 50 Submachine Gun, including a rebuttal to critics by Eugene Reising himself
  • Reising .22 automatic rifles are covered in 4 chapters, including the Models 65, 165, 150, 151, and MC-58 - Mr. Reising's .22 rifles are the main focus of the book
  • If you have any interest in Reising manuals, catalogs, and other paper items, they are covered extensively, as well as various accessories for the Reising pistol, submachine guns, and .22 rifles
  • In addition to the two MC-58 manuals that are reprinted within, several instruction sheets for various Reising firearms are included
  • You can explore many other firearms that Eugene Reising designed over the years, including a belt fed machine gun that competed with the Browning M1917 during WWI, some other submachine guns, tubular receiver M14's, the M14 Simulator, T30's, the "Guerrilla Rifle," and various other prototypes and personal firearms
  • The book includes photos of many family heirlooms handed down by Eugene Reising and many previously unpublished photos
  • It contains serial number data for over 460 examples of Reising .22 rifles collected over the last 8 years


If you are a firearm collector, you will find interest in this book.  It may even inspire you to seek more information that can expand our knowledge of the subject.  I hope you will enjoy it, and if you're looking for an easy Christmas or Hanukkah present for which you can just send your significant other an Amazon link, this is a book for you.


David Albert

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Received my copy yesterday. 

Excellent book, highly recommend .

One thing that caught my eye was the cracked slide on page 66. I can't help but wonder if it was caused by a design/manufacturing defect rather than high velocity ammo.

Both cracks originate at the same place on both slides, at a dog leg in the slide. 

If not precisely machined, the dogleg would hit the barrel before the mass of the slide face, causing stress at that point.

Its my opinion that the damage was caused when the slide slammed against the barrel, rather than recoiling to rear.

I would hesitate to shoot these pistols with any ammo.

What's your opinion.

Once again, excellent book,

Jim C

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Got your book a few days ago from Amazon. So far a good read !

Did not know Eugene Reising had such "colorful" associates ! Hmm.

His assessment of his SMG would figure to be positive as he was the inventor. However, being well acquainted with the Reising SMG I cannot see it being used as an Infantry combat weapon.  Police and Citizen use yes but it is too fragile and too many tight tolerances for a combat weapon.

Lots of good info on his other inventions especially the .22 rifles. 

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