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A New Record Asking Price for a Group BAR?

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It looks like it's one of those OOW 30 round BAR magazines. I doubt it'll sell for that kind of money, but on the other hand, it's cheaper than the $259,000 M1 Thompson. Lol!


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I'm not sure why folks post ads on Gb with those outrageous prices.  I guess they are hoping for that one fish in a million.  Or, they are trying to set some type of documentation for a imagined value.  Just speculation on my part.

The group Uzi is not completely out of range.  High, but not totally absurd.  And who knows where prices will be in another year?

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12 hours ago, HHollow said:

One theory: The advertisement is intended to start a negotiation with the ultimate goal of selling outside of GB.  For a reasonable price.

What a smart guy you are. It's an old trick but most people don't know it. Offers flow in. Hopefully that answers the age-old question of why they list these high prices.

You do get the 35% offers from the trolls.


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There is only one other transferrable BAR on GB and it's the Marlin-Rockwell M1918. I would guess the seller saw that and comparatively priced it. 

Also as a side note the seller didn't include free shipping on a $63k purchase. Maybe they have $62k tied up in it and can't take the shipping hit? 🤔 

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