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Thompson SMG Parts?

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The magazines are for a cap-firing Thompson replica made in Japan by MGC. The foregrip also looks like an MGC, so I am guessing the comp and sight are also MGC. We would need more detailed pics of the comp fir a better analysis. 

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On 11/24/2022 at 2:19 PM, ron_brock said:

The last part (a hammer) is not for a Thompson nor an MGC Thompson.  It may be off an 1894 Daisy Winchester look alike BB gun, but it’s been a while since I had one apart. Probably for some airgun or toy 

The package did say 1894 Hammers. 

I took some more pics of the mags. Even loaded some .45 in one. 








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To expand a little further, yes the mags will hold ammo.  I have seen someone using one of these at a shoot once in a live gun, on accident.  They are not sturdy enough to be reliable for any hard use.  There are several tell tale signs of the Model Gun Corp mags.  



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Note that the magazines do not have the hold-open tab on the rear of the follower.  Yes, they will work, but as ron_brock correctly pointed out they are not sturdy enough for continual shooting.  Besides, without the tab on the rear of the follower, they also won't hold the bolt back after the last round is expended.

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I shot my M1 Thompson with an MGC magazine for many years before I realized it was different.  I am almost certain that it was the magazine supplied with my WH M1, which I bought NIB in 1988.  

David Albert

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