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Value of L Drum

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    Curious what the value/going rate is for an ORIGINAL WW2 L drum. You don't see them for

sale very often. There are a couple on Gunbroker right now. One is listed at $900 ("minor pitting")

https://www.gunbroker.com/item/956190354 which badly pitted - so bad that in one spot the lid

is completely rusted through. So, obviously the guy is dreaming at $900. Another one - also with

some rust and light pitting https://www.gunbroker.com/item/947877454 is not selling for $495. So

what is the value of a WW2 drum in say, 85% or better condition?

Many thanks


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Mike is correct about the price on the second drum. It is also a mismatch - Seymour body and United Specialties cover.  The key also looks like it doesn’t match, but appears from the pics to be WWII. 

ReconOrd is selling the first drum, and their asking prices are always way above market. That drum is likely from the Ukraine stash, and is probably parts from two different Seymour drums. The rust and pitting on the cover does not appear to be present on the body. Some of those drums were seriously damaged from poor storage, so sellers back in the day mixed and matched parts to get sellable drums. I would consider this a shooter grade Seymour worth less than half of what is being asked. 

As far as general pricing is concerned, there have not been a lot if WWII drums for sale recently. In general, prices have gone up a bit on the last year or two. WWII drums in good condition used to sell for $450-550 regularly. Recently, when they do sell, it is generally in the $550-650 range, +/- based on condition or rarity. 

Hope that helps. 

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I am surprised at the second drum being auctioned. It will work well in the seller's 1921.... just sayin'!

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