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General Lee's Thompson

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Early morning humor.

I'm just gonna put this out here... since I am a 69 / 70 charger fan.

Thinking about Daisy is cool, but this gun.... NO!

AUTO-ORDNANCE 1927 A1 .45 ACP Semi Auto CUSTOM Rifle. Like New. 18" Barrel. CUSTOM Duke's of Hazzard | Guns & Military Artifacts  Rifles  Semi-Auto Rifles  | Online Auctions | Proxibid


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Had to be drugs.Somone at Kahr.This is What a Redneck on LSD would do to his Thompson after watching Dukes of Hazard. I thought case hardened Thompson was ugly ,This makes Case Hardened Thompson not look so bad.After years of Infamy the Thompson has to be subject to this! Sorry time for Kahr to end their Thompson line 

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