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Bonnie and Clyde Remington 11

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Heritage Auctions is advertising a cut-down Remington 11 that purportedly came from the back seat of Bonnie and Clydes car after the ambush.  The listing has documentation, and seems legitimate.  It's not a 'Whip-it', but has a shortened barrel.

It's going to be pricey, that's for sure!

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Oh dear. This was almost certainly NOT in the back seat of B&C death car. Only two shotguns were found in there (both in the front seat foot well, one to Clyde's left, the other to his right), and while one of them was a Remington Model 11A, it looked very differently (sawn-off stock and shorter barrel), it was a different gauge (20 rather than 12), and, er, it had a different serial number ...

Seriously, this is ridiculous. The real shotguns are visible on period photos and film. The back seat was occupied by three M1918 BARs. This one is nowhere to be seen ...


However, what I CAN believe is that this could be one of the gun's that KILLED B&C. Hamer famously used a shotgun in the ambush and was partial to the Remington Model 11 as a car gun.

The problem is that, again, Hamer's son is the source of the information. He's been found unreliable regarding his father's weaponry, including in the ambush, before.





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