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Help Identifying Information Related To A Colt M16 F/A

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Here is a FA Colt M16 with serial 906XXXX, can anyone tell me where it was sent, year of manufacture and what would be the "correct" period sling? No US Property Marking on the receiver. I'm finding conflicting information online and I trust you all more than I trust myself with Google search.

From my research it could be an export sent to Malaysia or a CA Railroad Police rifle. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Is the cosmoline original? 

Want your opinions, has it been fired outside of the initial Colt factory fire test?












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Call REED KNIGHT  he probably has a twin to it. Sold all of mine years ago including 639's and Commandos.went current f.n.M-4

that's about it.I tired of them after over 50 years.but at least you have a nice {Almost}old one.pictures are nice.post-504-0-18975200-1605901350_thumb.jpg

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