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Any Firing 1/2 inch .50 vickers firing in the USA? or anywhere

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None have ever floated to the surface in the US. A few parts are here such as the Vickers .50 feedblock that I have. I've seen a few items advertised internationally over many years, but like many MGs hardly any hardware or guns anywhere that we can get a hold of them.

Pics of V.A. made .50 Vickers feedblock. .50 BMG for scale and in last pic to show how much shorter is the .50 Vickers round compared.FWIWimage.thumb.jpg.a1f7d5b8d4629d36ee00cbd9115650f0.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.9b0222f3c576f908df0e74ff4ae7fe79.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.0438101f36b157582182d58b543779f7.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.2a6af29e75d0f0593e425cb103911af8.jpg

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Thanks for the reply's.

I have attended the SAR show for the last 2 years. I have met the gentleman who sells the Vickers parts. a nice guy.

I did manage to pick up some .50 Vickers rounds at the SAR show. 

I will update as the project progresses.



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