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Quick question! What’s the thread for the screws that secure the Kahr rear sights to the receiver? I’ve snagged a protected fixed rear sight and unprotected fixed rear sight for an upcoming M1 semi auto build. They are both reproductions. One from Sarco and one from Indianapolis Ordnance. They are drilled for rivets, but I got to thinking…. If I got a button head screw that didn’t look terrible I could drill the repro sights and swap em whenever. I just can’t stand the look of the profile of the Kahr sight and the screws that secure it… Im currently thinking the Kahr is set up for 10-24?


Unfortunately I am away from home and I’ve been thinking about this probably longer that I should. Below is a pic from another member who did the same thing but the post was from 2013 if I remember right? Also a pic of the screw type I’d like to use.


Lastly… I can’t remember who was asking about it, but Kahr is only making the “barrel” shaped bolt handles now. Their customer service contacted me after I inquired about purchasing a knurled “ball” type bolt handle. They said they’re discontinued and unavailable… 😭

thx everyone!






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I'm fed up with the screws, too. What size rivets are used? Does one countersink the inside of the receiver, so the rivets don't interfere with the bolt?

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