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Steinel has 8 mm Nambu and 7.7 mm Japanese back in stock!

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2 hours ago, StrangeRanger said:

Strange cartridge for an even stranger gun. Does anyone know  how many Type 100s there are in the registry?

I'm guessing very, very few fully transferable Type 100s are in the registry.   

That gun has been on my radar screen for years.

Robert Segel had one in his collection with a magazine (even rarer than the gun itself) which is the only one I've ever seen in the flesh. 

Ed Holtz (Urban Armory) had one on his website some time ago (maybe 6 months to a year ago).  The asking price was very high -- I forget how much!

Expect to pay mucho dinero, if another one ever comes up for sale.

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23 hours ago, StrangeRanger said:

It's not a rumor, they DO exist!

Very nice example.  Do you shoot it much?

Thanks Strange! I shoot it a few months ago ran pretty decent with s buddies loads! I plan in getting a video up soon!

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very interested to find out how this ammo is in a type 100. i picked one up, with 1 magazine, out of the estate of the vet, along with the paperwork stating it was "captured in combat in the pacific theater". It was fun getting it transferred on the 1946 dated papers.

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