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I have two consecutive serial Ingram model 6's, Guard models from sing sing prison.

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I'm trying to help my Grandmother sell these two amazing pieces. My long deceased Grandfather picked them up from a gun show in Albany, Oregon in the mid 90's.

I came upon this forum and it seemed like my best bet.

Obviously it would be nice to sell as package, however its far from a requirement. Would probably be best to spread the love, anyhow.

(edit) removed s/n's, she doesn't want me putting any pics or PII online. She wants to have a phone call before pics go out. Sorry.

Any suggestions, wisdom, or anything positive for that matter, is very welcome!

Thanks! Evan.

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Howdy. I should be more clear. The guns are in my Grandmothers possession. She is the one named on the NFA paperwork. 

My sole part in this is simply to harness the power of the internet, and link a prospective buyer with the actual seller.

Thanks for the input.

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On 2/20/2023 at 5:59 PM, StrangeRanger said:

You have the guns but do you have the Form 4s?

The guns are contraband without the paperwork

They should have been last transferred on Form 5's, not 4's,  if she inherited and transferred them (tax free) from her husband.  They will most likely transfer out on Form 4's to a dealer or C&R holder.  I bought both of my M6's with my C&R.

Ingram M6's with a history are really cool.  I have one that spent most of it's life in the Louisiana prison system.  1955 - 2018.


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