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Best ammo for the Sten ?

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My Sten is in NFA limbo, but I’m using the time to search for good deals on mags, accessories and ammo. About ammo, what 9mm is best for feeding the gun ? Is 115 Gr FMJ the best choice ? Any ideas on this and other goodies to get for the Sten are greatly appreciated !


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My Sten pretty much feeds any 115 or 124 grain ammo reliably with the exception of Remington UMC which tends to be a bit underpowered compared to the other bulk brands like American Eagle, Fiocchi or Winchester white box. Any failures to feed are almost always magazine related. You’ll definitely want a supply of mags so you can sort out the ones that reliably feed in your gun.

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I have run my STEN's and other 9MM SMG's (MP-40, Beretta 1938/43, SWD-M11/9 ) on the IMI manufactured 9mm SMG ammo that was intended for the UZI SMG.
It is truly an SMG load and not recommended for 9MM handguns.
APEX sells it on GunBroker now (we sold a lot of it at KCR and SAR), there may be other sources.

9mm Submachine Gun Ammo 500 Rounds Israeli IMI

MK5 STEN firing Israeli 9MM subgun ammo


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If it matters, the original ammo was the German 08 spec which is pretty much identical to current NATO-spec.  It's 124 gr at about 1200fps from a 4" barrel.  A bit hotter than SAAMI, but a bit less than +P.

I stay away from Remington 'target' 115gr as it's too weak and causes runaways.  I also avoid steel case as it's generally pretty dirty and if there's a chance it causes extra wear on 80 year-old extractors.

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