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Smith & Wesson M76 Integral Suppressor

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So now that I bought my second M76, it's time for a retro integral suppressor... and to whom do I go for this build? 

Curtis Tactical of course. I called AWC systems in Phoenix and they will build be a MK 9 Navy for the M76, but want my gun to custom fit. Curtis tactical makes a retro unit also, and all Joe Jones needed was my shroud and barrel (for proper fitting). He supplies the barrel for the unit. Direct mount, easy thread on.

I suppose it'll take a few weeks for him to make it, but it will be retro Vietnam style. 

I'll post pics.....

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So, Curtis returned my shroud and barrel. He's in the mfg process for the can. Can't wait!

Back deck, get ready!

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18 hours ago, Roland the Thompsongunner said:

Would like to get one for mine at some point very interested to see and hear how yours turns out. Keep us posted

Will do. I just checked in today and it is in production. 

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