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Tca's Annual Show And Shoot

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Thanks, Jim! I appreciate that a great deal. It's really just a bit of luck, and getting up early...and chiggers. I will be there next year. Don't think the Thompson is quite ready yet, but should be by then. And I will definitely play photo journalist!
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OK folks,

You have heard how it was by those who are in the know about Thompsons... now it is my turn to say what an incredible experience it was for me and my 14 yr old son, as we attended this for the first time (but I assure you not the last!). We have never been so humbled to look around the room and inside the museum and see SOOO MANY fine exhibits. We can't thank Tracie and family enough for putting on such a fantastic event.

And another thank you to Pat and Dana Wheeler, from MD. They allowed us to shoot their 28s. Imagine a total stranger wanting to shoot your prized possessions - I can't thank them enough! We have many memmories. Now all I need is my own 1928...

Who in MI can explain the rules for full auto ownership here? Frank's book just says "NO", what a downer http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/sad.gif . Any ideas from Michiganders?

Thanks again to all for the excellent experience! Look forward to the future!

Mike and Eric Wank

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To own a machinegun in Michigan, it must be a C&R gun. And you must apply for a C&R license. It only cost $30 for 3 years to have the permit. But you can only own C&R guns. But the Thompson's are C&R along with many many others. Check out the ATF web site for the list and also for the form to fill out.Good luck.
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Here a couple of pictures from the show. Full Auto 45 (Mike) by his table and Phil with his parts. The steel plates shoot was a lot of fun! Rob (rkr) took first honors.







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Point of clarification, with all due respect, regarding machinegun ownership in Michigan, not all Thompsons are C & R. Most West Hurley Thompsons are not classified as C & R weapons. If you want to play with a TSMG here, you have to pay the big bucks.


If you just want to shoot full-auto, there are much lower cost C & R alternatives. Reising Mod 50, M2 carbine, S & W Mod 76, Sten, to name a few.


Whatever you decide to get, happy shooting!

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