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Colt Thompson # 3386 For Sale in UK

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Colt Thompson Ser no 3386 is currently up for sale by D&B Militaria in the UK.

The gun is deactivated to UK Old Spec with fully moving parts priced at £20,000.

This is the same gun as featured in the Gale and Polden British Home Guard manual and was previously owned by the London movie prop house Baptys.

I had the opportunity to purchase this gun about 20-25 years ago for £2000 and at that time it was housed in an FBI case complete with drum and stick mags. I turned it down back then as I wasn't sure if it was a 1928 that had been altered and engraved to look like a 1921 as I knew Baptys would alter guns for film use.



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Someone with more money than sense will buy it no doubt, front grip and front sight look off to me and considering an original 1921 Thompson deac sold just 2 years ago for £6k in better original condition I’d say this is massively overpriced, you also have to understand it can’t be imported to the US where it would sell for 3x that listed price and D&B are the last dealers I’d trust here in the uk to have listed something 100% honestly and correctly 

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15 hours ago, Rob442 said:



When I was offered this gun many years ago, it was in near mint condition and was being sold by Regimentals. Apparently Baptys bought it back and as far as I know, it's been with them ever since. 

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