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Finally got a police case!!

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Since we are currently talking about the spare parts kits, I don't know if anyone here is interested or wants the cat out of the bag, but there is one of the GH spare parts boxes with brushes for sale on eBay right now along with a GH long cleaning rod in another listing if anyone is looking for one. I just got one of the boxes from the seller and it arrived today. Here is a picture of it in my display with WW2 era parts to fill it.


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Thanks! Here is the rest of that part if the display. I have a reproduction manual on the way to go with the case display. The top is still a work in progress of M1928A1s as I just cobble together displays when I can find & afford the parts. I would like to make a small display showing the different bolt/recoil spring assembly set ups from the model of 1921 through the M1A1 (I just have to find the parts here and there to complete it). I have barely started on acquiring any M1 or M1A1 parts for a display so I still have a ways to go.



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