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Thompson SMG Rocker Pivot Plate

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I have searched the web for a source. to buy No one has any. I recreate the 1928 lower from 1927 A-1 . Part of the recreation is making the rocker pivot activate a bolt hold open. Now I'm down to my last 2 original pivot plates with a back log of lowers to yet complete. I can modyfy the semi plate by adding the finger and make the little piece from pre-hard 1075 spring steel. I have spring stock coming from McMaster Carr but what I thought was 2,5 feet of 4-inch-wide stock turns out to be 25 ft. Lucky me. 

My request from the board is: does any know of blueprint of the rocker plate? With 25 ft. of material to eat up, why not water jet the pieces? I hope someone can point me to a good print.


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http://www.nfatoys.com/tsmg/ Look for drawing number 6147680 and click on the hyperlinked drawing number for a PDF on what I think that you are looking for.

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Excellent source 👍 for TennesseeTaylor95

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