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Small Arms Review Article, "MP40 Road Test"

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That  was around the time i was trying to buy a double feed mag MP-40/2 only Padilla and Mike Free had them and another floating around Ohio  that i knew was done up from a czech arms shipment.I miss them all.Sent  pics in at the time to whomever was doing MP-40 BOOKS.who knows whatever they printed or did not. I never checked back.I think one post-504-0-40823600-1614008002_thumb.jpgpost-504-0-14227600-1614008231_thumb.jpgGuy used the pic of the chromed MP-38 i sold off to Irv Kahn In Ohio back in the real early 80's.I HAVE TO SAY always loved the MP40'S AND the MP-38'S, from the first one seen by me in 1965. THANKS FOR THE POST. RON K.

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