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Ratchet spring (barrel nut retaining spring) needed

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I am in search of m3 or m3a1 ratchet spring which keeps the barrel nut from loosening.  If anyone can recommend a source, it will be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise, I may have some reproduced.  Is there a market for reproduction ratchet springs?  Anyone else in need of them?

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So you're talking about having some of the second model barrel-ratchet-springs (catches) made (?)........maybe think of some of the first-model too (?). (For owners wanting to take their M3 back to "as-issued" condition.).

On a side note.....there was a guy out in California that had a gun-parts-business that had some for sale along with rivets. Name was John ___________ (?) from what I recall.

Last, while you are sourcing the making of the springs.....what about a short run of the "bucking-bars" to back up the rivets when "setting" them. I believe that the drawing for these is in the TM - _____________ - 35.

Early Barrel-Catch-Spring:



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I guess these would be type 2?  Would seem to be easier to stick a knife blade into to release much easier? 

I don't know that I would ever change it out unless absolutely necessary.  Would seem to be a lot of work to buck the rivets and mess with the whole thing?  Quite a number have been damaged due to DEWAT welding, so they all need fixing.



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