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Replica/Toy Thompson not legal in Pennsylvania?

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   I was roaming around on the internet curious if Collectors Armory was still at it…and they are. They sell their zinc metal model M1928 Thompson for $275. But I was surprised to see that they will not ship to the usual suspects - New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, etc. but they also will not ship to Pennsylvania? They won’t ship their replica M1 Carbine either. I thought Pennsylvania had no restrictions on replica/toy guns. Did they pass a law I missed? Or is Collectors Armory just playing it super safe?



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There's been no law change Bob. And I believe Ben is correct regarding Philly. Statewide they are legal. I had an interaction with Collector's regarding that issue a year or so ago. I needed 2 blank guns for active shooter training as an LE instructor in PA. And they did eventually provide them for my order after I called to speak with them. It's just their company policy.

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