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Reproduction Nickel oiler going for over $400 on fleabay

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Well seems because the pose says it came from a police dept. And it's nickel its colt The finish is wrong if your one of the bidders do your due diligence in research before trying to grab somthingvon the auction block Time to take these usa black crinkle clean the paint off nickel and make 2000% profit Know how to tell its a knock off( it's a pretty good one) look at the texture of the photo looking down at the cap showing made in the USA.see the bead blast texture?The sides was all polished correctly but the top was overlooked and not seen on originals.Somone tool a reproduction polished sides and bottom and nickel plated it again.Colt oiler guys tell me I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong I never like people overpaying or cheated


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