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  The receiver looks OK but I think the gun has been rebarreled. The barrel has the dark

blue black finish vs. the lighter "royal blue"  you see on the receiver. Also, if you look at

the close up of the comp you can see blued-over light pitting.

My $0.02




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Bob, I agree and thanks for the experienced eye.  The fins don’t look 1921-ish; more like wartime?  Scant description too.  

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The color of the barrel jumped out at me too. I also do not see an index line on the barrel collar. I am used to seeing a Type 2 compensator screwed on the barrel boss several more turns than this one.  Note also the WWII front sight insert and the flattened compensator pins. All signs of a barrel change.

Is that a crack on the top of the vertical fore grip. See picture #4.

NO 6501 has been on the market before. I am not able to check my copy of Gordon's book at the moment. Perhaps, the history will be revealing.

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Gordon’s book implies some misrepresentation when it was sold back in 1976.

It was originally sold to the Rhode Island PD.

it has changed hands numerous times over the years.

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