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WTS Colt Thompson, Model 1921, former St. Louis Police Department Thompson

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Posting with permission from David Albert and on behalf of a long time friend of mine


Colt Thompson, Model 1921, NO 8681 former St. Louis Police Department Thompson is offered for sale here.


This Colt Thompson was originally owned by the St. Louis Police Department.  The St. Louis Police Department acquired 29 or 30 Thompsons total depending on the source of information.  NO 8681 was shipped on 5/19/30 as a package of 17 Thompsons to Geller-Ward & Hasner Hardware Company, destined for the St. Louis Police Department.  NO 8681 along with most of the remaining Thompsons in their possession, were sold out of the St. Louis Police department in 2017, first to MidWest Distributors, a Class 3 dealer in Kentucky, and then into private hands.


NO 8681 is mentioned in the book “An Amateur’s Guide for the Colt’s Thompson Submachine Gun”, by Tom Davis, Chapter 16 The St. Louis Police Department Thompson Guns, documenting many of the St. Louis Police Department Thompson Guns.


This Thompson has all original Colt Thompson era parts as it did when it left the St. Louis Police Department, excepting for the barrel which as received was a military smooth barrel 1928AC.  This 1928AC barrel has since been replaced with a replica to reflect a 1921A, manufactured by www.thompsonbarrels.com.  This replica barrel compliments the firearm and along with the many spare shooter parts, making this a firearm that one can proudly display but can also safely and confidently shoot without worry.


Included with the package


Colt era parts as received

Correct receiver internal parts 1921 Actuator, Bolt, Blish lock, pilot buffer, spring

Correct wood stock set

Matching numbers upper receiver and lower frame

Correct Lower Frame Internal parts


Shooter / replica parts some not shown

1921 Parts - 1921 Replica actuator, PK Hybrid 21/28 pilot buffer, spring, fire and safety control pivots

1928 Parts - Military bolt, actuator, spring, pilot buffer, grip bolt

1928AC Military smooth barrel, as received from St. Louis PD


Pelican IM2875 transport case that will hold the Thompson, (4) XX magazines, (2) L & (1) C drums

Dan Block produced beautiful walnut shooter / display stock set

Dan Block produced display stand

(5) Colt era XX “blank” mags

(1) Colt era XX Patent Date mag

Numrich “L” drum

GPC “C” drum


Price is $48,000

Terms are 50% non-refundable payment to start the BATFE transfer paperwork on a Form 4 and balance 50% payable upon BAFTE transfer Form 4 approval and prior to any shipment.   1st transfer tax paid.  Buyer pays for any shipping and Insurance. Located in Oregon.


Call Scott between 10 and 4 PM West coast California time 805.794.8473

Left side on stand rear stock view.jpg

Left side overal - 1.jpg

Left side on stand barrel view.jpg

Left side overal on stand.jpg

Left side close up w NO.jpg

Left side close up Colt.jpg

Left side angle.jpg

Right side angle w drum.jpg

Right side closeup angle toward front.jpg

Right side on stand close up.jpg

Right side closeup.jpg

Right side closeup angle w drum.jpg

Right side overview w drum.jpg

Right side overview w rear stock.jpg

Right side overview.jpg

Right side Profile.jpg

Right side receiver & lower frame.jpg

Right side w original wood set.jpg

Ejection port.jpg

Lower frame view.jpg

Original front grip.jpg

Original rear grip.jpg

Original rear stock.jpg

Original Upper internals.jpg

Original spring end.jpg

Original spring & military spare parts.jpg

Rear sight top.jpg

Rear stock anchor.jpg

Rear stock butt plate.jpg

Rear view of original bolt.jpg

Top view.jpg

Top view w actuator cocked.jpg

Display stand.jpg

L & C drums front.jpg

Pelican Transport case.jpeg

Pelican Travel case lower layer.jpeg

Pelican Transport case upper layer.jpeg

Shop Manual.jpg

XX Mags side view.jpg

XX Mags Front.jpeg


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This is a very nice package for someone who wants a shooter Colt with excellent provenance and all the necessary accessories. No worries with this one.

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