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He said he's ready to shoot.

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3 hours ago, dismed said:

At least he picked the one with least recoil.  Honestly at what age are you starting your kids shooting?


So cute!!! Congrats! 

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I’ve been shooting with my kids in the back yard with BB guns for a couple years now. Started when they were probably five and seven. I wanted to take my daughter shooting this summer because I think she’s ready but it’s way too hot here. 

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Dismed 👍 from me!

and while on the topic of family shots..... here is my son, who is now 29, sharing his fathers interest in the Thompson gun.... back in 2000.

Liam & 28.jpg

and his younger sister did not wish to be left out, photo taken in 2017, probably after watching Bugsy Malone on TV.

Ciara &Tommy Gun (1).JPG

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Finally, as I was loading a few guns up to take to the range with my brother, my 6 year old said, "daddy, when are you going to take me shooting?" That was music to my ears! I've waited a long time for this! 

Since having my second son, I've tried to start doubling up on things in my collection. I only had the one machine gun, being an M1 Thompson. Well I don't want them to fight over one machine gun, so I'm now waiting on the form 4 to come back for an MP40 I bought last year. Absolutely can't wait to be able to hand my sons my machine guns for the first time on the range and see that smile. 

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