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Johnson LMG At Current Auction

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The last documented one went under 40K not all that long ago.  This one has "issues" so I don't expect it to go much above 40 if at all?  Of course it's an auction.....anything can happen?  The market for semi rilfes is exponentially large, while the MG market/ players is tiny.....even though it's not?  There are a LOT of high end collectors that are pretty ignorant and fortunately stay away from the MG market.... for now, thus MG's are substantially underpriced based on their historical provenance and relative  scarcity IMO.

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On 8/6/2023 at 9:52 AM, TSMGguy said:


Looks like it ran up to $57K.. plus that 20% buyers premium.
Apparently several people wanted to have that gun in their collection.


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Had to be 2 Marines....doing what Marines do?  Fortunately I have enough....mine all work, and have all the parts.  Might have to "issue" it to my dad who's one of the few, the proud and see if it gains any provenance?  That would be north of 70K all in to get to my neighborhood.  Will have to check out all the completed's to see what went crazy?

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