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Selling - Richardson Display Thompson, RUSCO Case, Early Drum, Mags, & Paper items

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Here are several items that are duplicates or not desired in my collection to make room.  I travel quite a bit so depending on where you live there are possibilities, no promises, for a face to face meet, inspection and delivery.  Send me a PM and we will correspond by email, text or phone.  To get it out there I have nothing else for sale.

Early Doug Richardson 1921 Display Receiver with a modern wood carry case that is convertible to FBI or Police configuration.

$6,000 plus shipping and insurance.

A complete replica display Colt Thompson produced in 2002 by Doug Richardson (DR),  Much effort was made to create an as authentic as possible replica display Colt era Thompson.  Features include: Colt Thompson markings with later 1922 Patent Date. Correct DR display actuator and pilot.  On to the display receiver Doug installed his DR finned Colt style barrel along with a DR compensator.  Then Doug polished and blued a military lower frame to match, these have similar markings as the later Colt’s.  On the lower frame, additional effort and detail was taken to install Colt style checkered fire & safety control pivots as well as a checkered no hole magazine release, these parts were crafted by a master Thompson smith, Paul Krogh.  Finally, there is Dan Block wood fitted.  On the rear stock, took the effort to correctly make the oiler hatch screw on the back of the butt plate, appear as a Colt does with a slight protrusion, one of several details that were paid attention to after a long critic from the late Gordon Herigstad.  This display Thompson can grace your office, vault, or man cave, every day and/or be displayed at shows, then can be handled by others without the concern of a live firearm, nor risk of damaging a very valuable firearm.  Along with the Wood Carry case also included will be a Gordon Herigstad walnut display stand, that will allow the Thompson to display with either an L drum or XX mag.




















Very Hard to find Police Style case (SOLD as of 9/11/23)

$5,000 plus shipping and insurance

These are quite hard to find, I can honestly say in all my travels I have only seen handful of these.  This case has a clean interior, no significant fading with no tears and the handle is still attached.  There are keys and I have made them work, they are not original to the case, and as such I recommend the key only be used for display.  The lock latch flipper was broken between when I bought it and later picked it up by someone, I had a professional install another from a period similar lock latch and it works.


Extremely Rare 1921 Handbook 1st Edition, with the Embossed cover, and this one has very interesting documented George Goll provenance. (SOLD as of 9/7/23)

$4,000 plus shipping and insurance

This handbook clearly was used as stated in the provenance.  it has some separation of the cover shown.  It does have the Index Line sticker.

You want this in your collection for the rarity and the provenance.


L drum Worcester type 1st gen body, 2nd gen rotor /cover

$1,000 plus shipping and insurance






XX Patent date mags 24/24 - Maguire

$100 / each plus shipping and insurance





Original 1929 Catalog

$500 plus shipping and insurance

The cover is separated, it displays well. No Navy flyer.



1936 Catalog, harder to find early Nassau Street address

$450 plus shipping and insurance

This displays well but the inside of one page was cut, shown in the picture.



Cox Supplement (SOLD)

$50 plus shipping and insurance


William Douglass Military Museum Catalog (SOLD as of 8/11/23)

$100 plus shipping and insurance 


RUSCO Canvas carry case with matching RUSCO strap

$500 plus shipping and insurance



Couple of WWII era Lyman Rear sights (BOTH SOLD)

$200 / each plus shipping and insurance

These were for a project never started



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