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Arisaka Type 38 carbine question

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Hi ! I was recently given an Arisaka Type 38 Carbine by my neighbor ! While going over it, I saw  the receiver marked ““converted to 250-3000”. I’m assuming this means the Savage 250-3000 round that was probably commonly available at the time. My question is, can the rifle still fire the original  6.5x50 rounds without any issues ? I read on an older post that implied that it was interchangeable but the poster never stated the details 

Thanks a bunch ! 







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The head diameter of a .250 Savage is .468", for the 6.5 Jap it's .455"

Even if the other dimensions were compatible (and they aren't) that .013" difference would probable result in a blown case head.  I don't know where the shoulder for a 6.5 Jap is located but it is almost certainly not as far forward as that of the .250 meaning another place to lead to a case rupture

That combined with the fact that the bore is .006" too large for the .250 Savage and will significantly reduce accuracy makes the whole thing a really bad idea. Your best bet is to get a chamber cast and see exactly what you're dealing with.  you may end up having to go with a 6.5x.250 Savage wildcat

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Dimensions taken from an older Sierra manual

I wouldn't touch that thing without a chamber cast. The shoulder on the Jap round is further forward than that of the Savage so a rechamber won't work unless the barrel has been set back.  The "normal" rechambering for these rifles is the 6.5x.257 Roberts (7x57 case) which will give a cleanup of all the dimensions



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Gotcha ! Ya I’m going to take it and do exactly that ! There’s a barrel/receiver on GB right now too that’s not modified so that might be an option to switch out. 
I really appreciate the words of wisdom and taking the time to look into and share the drawings Sir ! 

Many thanks ! 

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On 11/16/2023 at 1:12 PM, william31 said:

I think you did the right thing.  Steinel Ammo currently has 6.5 arisaka in stock, expensive but really good ammo.

Have fun.


Yes that whom I got a few boxes from. It shot very well. A very light almost hair trigger pull though. Were they originally like that or is my sear wearing out I wonder. 

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