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ZB37 value plain vs AA setup

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What do people feel is the impact on selling price of an excellent Venezuelan contract ZB37 with basic tripod, then compared to a set including an extra jacketed barrel, AA tripod extension, AA spider sight, belt loader (the one where you crank a handle to fill or empty belts), correct ammo can, correct belts? Does the value increase by just the approximate value of the extra parts or does it jump because all have been gathered? The AA extension and spider sight is so rare it’s hard to even establish a price. Thoughts anyone? IMG_7855.thumb.jpeg.bc675efd9ed86bfaf146a8f2f4b28153.jpeg

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My ZB37 was not transferable but the reason I ask is that I've donated it to a museum and am working to find a value. I was able to find a value of $25,000 to $30000 for the MG with tripod, but would like to know the value (as if it were transferable)with the addition of;

- A second barrel and sleeve assembly (permits quick change when first barrel is hot)

- Anti Aircraft Spider Sight

- Tripod extension to raise MG so that the shooter can engage flying objects

- Shoulder crook so as to help control MG when firing from tripod. 

- Two belts (one correct, one BESA)

- Correct ammo can

- Automatic belt loader / unloader with steel box (you open box and unfold guide and crank handle to fill or extract two rounds at a time from a belt).


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