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TSMG #179

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Just got this early 21 Colt in. I let a good friend of mine talk me into selling him this weapon years ago. Always regretted selling it. I bought it from Dr. Lyle Gage (Mountaineer Ordnance Exchange) in 1994, a heart surgeon out of W. VA. He was Roger Cox's sidekick. I suspect this weapon was upgraded by Penn State PD at some time to a 21AC. Looks like it was originally destined to be shipped with #202 to the Minister of War, Bogota, Columbia, but never made it out the door. Note the wedding ring band on the Cutt's end of the barrel. Still has the Penn State PD property sticker on it. Pics for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to critique and comment.

From Gordon's notes:

#179 21 A Minister of War Bogota, Colombia (179 & 202) (1 of 2 Shipped 4/28/21)

Note: This entry from the original ledger presents a conflict, unless the gun was

never shipped, or the gun was returned for some reason.

21 A Pennsylvania State Police Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (1 of 32)

(Shipped 10/24/21)

21 AC * Law Enforcement Ordnance Co. Athens, Georgia 1/22/77 $2750.00

Dr. Lyle Gage Jr. (C-3 dealer) Bluefield, West Virginia (1 of 12)

Nick Tilotta (Western Firearms Co.) Grapevine, Texas 6/94

Lee Sicillio collection Texas 6/00



















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Love the "Wedding Band!"

Everything looks good from what the pics show, other than the actuator is what I call a "3rd" gen.

The buffer pilot looks a little different, maybe just the angle of the pics.

Can you see any of the "179" on the barrel face in the chamber?


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It had a Remington actuator in it when I got it. Replaced it with what I had. I tried to get a look down the chamber but could not see a number. Then again, I can't see worth beans anymore. It could also use a good cleaning. When I get some time, I will give it a good scrubbing.

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Thank you for sharing. Agree with Colt Chopper about the wedding band. No doubt this is the original barrel on NO 179. Being able to see assembly numbers or partial numbers in the chamber area would be a plus but not necessary. Given this is a very early Colt, I would think the correct actuator for NO 179 would be the same variation or version as the one pictured on Page 175 of my Amateur's Guide book as found on NO 1208 - the actuator to the far left. That said, actuators do break. The Penn State Police could have easily purchased spare actuators over the years from Auto-Ordnance as needed and replaced broken ones. NO 179 was in service for a long time. I like the honest police wear! 

If these were still priced at $2700 I would be on my way to Texas with cash in hand to cement the deal :)

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Very beautiful gun!! interesting to see that it has the later style sling swivels. Should examples in such an early serial range have the enfield style swivels (if they have them at all)? Maybe when it was sent back for the type 2 compensator, the swivels were added...... The history on this one is very interesting!! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thank you for posting.

I would have expected a lower Remington assembly number on the butt stock and plate of NO 179. However, the Pennsylvania State Police purchased 32 Colt Thompsons over the years, so it is very likely that some bolt-on type parts were swapped between the guns and some parts were replaced because of wear and tear. In addition, NO 179 was obviously returned to Auto-Ordnance Corporation for a Type 2 compensator and possibly sling swivels in the 1930s. While the inventory sticker on NO 179 may have married this butt stock to NO 179 while it with the Pennsylvania State Police, it could have easily been swapped by Roger Cox, who I assume ended up with more than one of the state police Colt's. 

I do not see the letter "R" mark on the butt plate. I am guessing this mark is on the right side of the trap door assembly.

All good stuff!!! 

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