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Magazine pouch

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I got two of these pouches from Ebay. They each containe 3ea. near new 30 round Thompson magazines. I'm happy with the mags but curious about the pouches. The seller thought they were WW2 British but didn't really know. They are well made and have no markings whatsoever. Anybody seen before?




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Can't see your photo either, but I have a British made XXX 3-pocket TSMG pouch which I'll attempt to describe:

It's in British P-37 khaki, but has standard US lift-the-dot fasteners on each of the three flaps. XXX mags are a tight fit, but will go in.

On the back are two sets of standard P-37 belt hooks, one sewn over the other, so that when mounted on a belt, the pouch is slanted 45 degrees, right or left. There are no loops.

On the back is stamped:



MF Co 1944



The STEN magazine carriers that I've seen are bags with no individual mag pouches, but are made of the same materiel. Hope this helps!


Howard Penley

(was tsmgguy)

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