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WTB Lyman rear sight spring

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I’m not sure if it is correct or even the production. I have these 2 sights in my spare parts bag. My dad changed out the sight on the Westie to a Lyman marked usgi sight some time ago. So if it is the correct spring, it’s either usgi or west Hurley production. I want to think it’s usgi due to the quality. Here’s some pics. The spring is about as long as the plunger. It fits in the spring cavity on both sights but is a booger to compress with the plunger.



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Neither of the two sight bases have the Lyman Trademark, Middleton, CT marked in them, so I know that the bases are not correct.  The portion that raises up on one of them also is not a GI Lyman sight.  So, the spring and plunger are also suspect, but will probably work.

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