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My 1920’s wedding….

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I thought I’d post a few pictures from my recent wedding as a teaser (more will follow in the TCA newsletter) but on October 14 I tied the knot with my best friend and partner in crime. I’d told her that if we were to ever get married I wanted to walk out to Thompson’s at high port (similar to swords at a military wedding) she took that idea and ran with it…the result was a 1920’s themed wedding that was an absolute blast!! Nearly everyone showed up in wise guy suits or flapper dresses. Instead of a unity candle, we were finger printed and photographed, and while we were printed….our cellist played the intro to “The Godfather” 


When we were announced, we came down the stairs and between 9 Thompson’s held by fellow Thompson collectors and enthusiasts.  It was a really great time and I will say that GiantPanda aka Mike Wank was there in spirt as Julie brought a big panda to fill in his place in the line. Panda wore a proper fedora hat and had his own Thompson….Julie informed Diana and I that the bear had been at their wedding and they’d had it for 43 years….she said that we have to break that record. Good times were had by all and I figured I’d share a few candid shots from the day….







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I should also explain that my Colt NAVY was in some of our pics and was held by one of my friends in the lineup. The 9mm Commander was a hand built Les Baer that I sat with Les himself out at SHOT Show in January and ordered for the wedding. The grips were a gift from my best man who had the engraved then hand inked….they are simulated ivory as he didn’t have the heart to engrave real pre ban ivory……and just to show that he wasn’t a cheap ass….he handed me a set of real pre ban ivory 1911 grips as well. Needless to say I was choked up over the gift of the grips. 

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Congratulations John and Diana. Years from now your children will have so much fun sharing pictures of their "really cool" parents wedding with friends! Perhaps this will become a tradition in the Bosio family! I hope to congratulate you in person at OGCA next month. 

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Here are a few more of the “Arch of Thompson’s” that I received today. Yes there were a pair of Thompson’s crossed at the top and we were not allowed to step forward until we kissed then we proceeded down the stairs into the ballroom. This angle you can see Mike’s Panda clearly. I really wish he could have been there to see it as I know he was really looking forward to it. 





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