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Found At Gunbroker.com

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To All


I was just reading an ad, #11315324, at gunbroker.com for a post ban 50 round drum. It states it can only be sold to an FFL dealer, or law enforcement. I know a class three dealer can buy a full auto wepon with a law enforcement letter, but how about a banned drum. Can a class 1 get the drum? If so this would be a deal for any class 1 with a thompson as they only want $269.00



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This drum is new production and falls under the same restrictions as Post Ban Hi-Cap magazines; Export, Goverment, Law Enforcement (with letter) or FFL with letter from Law Enforcement. The drums should be marked "RESTRICTED LE/GOV'T ONLY" and are a great deal for anyone who qualifies. The downside is once you leave Law Enforcement for instance (I retire in less than 5 yrs !!) you must sell, trade or give the magazine away or risk being a felon on the day you seperate/retire. Same goes for our HiCap LE mags. Not sure about the Class 1's being allowed to have it. Anyone?



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