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Found one of my UD-M42 accessory Grail items, an original manual

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Really not much of a story.  It just turned up on eBay one day.  I have daily searches on eBay and Gunbroker for a couple dozen different things.  It's usually a pain in the ass to scroll through every morning and delete all the emails.  Then one like this pops up and it's all worthwhile. But I then spend a week worrying who else will see it and outbid me.  Got lucky on this one as there were no other bidders.

You might spend some time watching eBay for Russian pubs.   I see lots listed there, mostly post-WWII, but early ones show up too.  As an inert ordnance collector, I have a number of WWII Russian grenade manuals, almost all of them from eBay over the years.


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je recherche aussi la documentation de UD42 en version PDF??


Good morning

I am also looking for the UD42 documentation in PDF version??


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