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WH M1 Photos

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Just a few photos that came out fairly well, taken on my kitchen table with a Sony Mavica floppy disc camera. Remember those? The gun is a WH M1 Thompson that I bought LNIB. PK worked his magic on it. All parts except the frame and receiver are from an original unissued M1 TSMG parts kit. Included are a pair of photos of my matching NAC M1928A1 Thompson. It retains better than 99% of its original finish. 









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2 hours ago, Rekraps said:

Sweet! Runs well?

Perfectly. Wouldn't fire three rounds in a row without some kind of stoppage when it was new. PK is the master!

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4 hours ago, Georgedup said:

Is it possible to find an unfired M96 rifle and what factors contribute to its rarity and value in the collector's market?


Did you post this in the wrong thread?

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