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Trades for worn finish MG34 top cover (wanted)

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I have numerous MG34 spares to trade toward a complete top cover.  I really need a complete, worn finish, rear latch with spring and screw.  Not finding any by themselves in the wild, I'm now looking for the complete top cover to scavenge these parts.  I have a numbers-matching top cover (pre-sample gun) that is missing these parts.  The existing gun and top cover finish is worn, so something in the same condition would match.

For trading fodder I have misc 34 parts.  Charging handles, firing pin with springs and retainers, feed tray, bolts, carriers, small parts, etc.  Please let me know what you're looking for and I'll go through the stash.  The worst that you can tell me is "no thanks".  If you just have a top cover that you want to sell outright then please pm me with what you have.

Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards!

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