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This question isn't directly related to Thompsons, per say, but does anyone know of a reputable Barrel reline person? I have a Mauser C96 that is nearly shot out and I'm getting no decent leads on the C96 board I'm on.  I figure the Thompson barrel walls are thick enough to warrant such a job and some of you might have experience. Redman's is so backlogged he doesn't know when he might be accepting more work, if ever.

Any lead would be helpful, thanx in advance, Karl

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14 hours ago, anjong-ni said:

"redmansrifling.com" advertises In Firearms News.

"C96 barrel re-lining".

Good luck...Phil

The REDMAN's web site says they are not taking on any relining work for the time being.
They have too much in queue now.
Surprising that not more companies offer this service.


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