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Date Of Production: Aoc M1a1 S/n 363xxx

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They only made the M1/M1A1 series from 1942 until 1944. Based on the fact that it is an M1A1 with that serial number range, probably sometime in 1943. I guess it would depend on whether or not it was a Savage or AO production gun. They were assigned serial number ranges, so if you can figure out what serial number range was assigned to what manufacturer, you could probably narrow it down a little more.

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Kyle, there is no easy way to pull monthly figures out for a Savage M1A1 or Bridgeport M1A1 out of the documents at this time. If yours is a Bridgeport AOC M1A1 my educated estimate is near January -Febrauary 1943 ?


Some of the other WW2 guns have more more definitive monthly production figures published. What Franks has in his book is more information than what there was prior to his research.

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