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French M1950 Pistol Holster?

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Thought I'd ask the experts.  This holster purports to be a post-WWII French commercial leather flap holster for the M1950 or P-38 pistol. Is it?

Also pictured is a M1950 pistol rig just purchased from Old Western Scrounger. The gun has a later FH MAS serial number and came with the accessories shown.





s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg



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On 3/6/2024 at 6:11 PM, dalbert said:

Not sure about the leather holster, but I've looked at the OWS M1950's, and have to say they are tempting.  Looks like you got a nice one.


Yes, I evidently lucked out. The whole rig is in excellent, almost perfect condition. I had no choice of guns, only getting to choose the serial number with an FH prefix from the last St. Etienne (MAS) production batch of the late 1970s.

The edges are bright. If the gun's been arsenal refinished, the process left each component with a slightly different parked color and finish, ranging from black to light gray. The date stamps make sense, with all being from 1977, including the nylon web holster. All major assemblies are MAS marked.

The gun fits the pictured leather holster nicely. The web holster is particularly well designed. It fits the gun perfectly, allowing no movement. The flap is quickly opened, and the gun is very easy to draw. It cannot bind or stick. If the hammer is cocked, the flap cannot be closed.  The holster also holds one spare mag and a cleaning rod. Slick!

I'm very impressed with the M1950 design. It fits the hand perfectly, has a great trigger, and is utterly reliable. It's also just about the easiest service pistol to field strip and reassemble that I've ever handled.

OWS was great to work with. They had this pistol in my hands exactly 48 hours after I ordered it online.    



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