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4 Sale New Gi Breech Oilers

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I really don't like Sportsmansguide. When I ordered some of the oilers, I also ordered one of the extractor/firingpin parts sets to help cover part of their outrageous shipping charges.


Well, they shipped me the parts set and charged me the full shipping charges as if the full order had been shipped. I called and complained, and all they would do is refund me $3.00, saying that would bring the shipping charges to what they would have been for the parts kit. So, why did they try to rip me off in the first place by overcharging me for the full shipping costs?


BTW, they sent me a postcard today saying the oiler part of the order was permanently cancelled, saving me the trouble of cancelling it myself.

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They sent me a cancel thingy too.


They have excellent ammo prices that are hard to beat.


They have online discounts too.


I am not the biggest fan of them either, but when you can buy 45ACP Wolf shipped to your door for under 11 cents per shot and 223 wolf for less than 10 cents per shot, you have to consider them.


BTW that new advanced polymer coated stuff works great!



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I wouldn't call it a POS at all. It is just not original.


I tried the spring thingy, and the SG parts have ecxcellent spring, so much that it is hard to bend one to spread the fingers out a tad further. The felt just needs to be trimmed on some. I have no problme putting them in my guns, once I spread teh finger s a tad, and trim teh felt at teh rear.



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