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1928 Thompson Add printed on modern poster board.

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Found this image of an old 1928 Thompson add. I decided to blow it up onto a poster to see how it would turn out. 

Overall I’m pretty happy! The 20x30 posters at Walgreens were the same scale as the original image. I was also happy to find it didn’t get too blurry after scaling. It be cool to print this on some old tarnished parchment paper if that is possible. 

Now I have a cool new garage poster and conversation starter. After all, the cost of the Thompson set the stage for the GCA tax stamp cost. If I frame it, my wife said I could even hang it in the house some where too which isn’t a bad deal. 

Just wanted to share this idea. The original image is attached if anyone else is interested in making their own.
The poster cost was $26 from Walgreens. 



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