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I just saw a Steyr MP-34 sold on Sturm that had been originally built in 9MM Steyr and converted over to 7.62X25 Tokarev.
The seller used the same MP-34 magazines that came with the gun.
He just changed barrels.
No mention of adjusting the feed lips or anything like that.

APEX has MP30 / MP34 magazine for both 9MM Steyr and 9MM Luger should you want to try adjusting the feed angles.
They are not particularly expensive.
Looks like I haven't listed the individual 9MM Luger mags yet!


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I think they do. I read somewhere recently ( might of been MG Boards ) an MP34 owner shooting 7.62 Tokarev by just swapping out the barrel. No mention of modifying mags. I have a 9mm Para MP34 and it definitely won't work with those mags so it might be the 9mm Steyr. The MP34 was also chambered in 9mm Mauser so it's possible that's what he was using.  I'll try to find the original post. Todd in Oregon

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Posted (edited)


I'm the one who bought that MP34 and your 9mm Largo/Steyr mags are the reason that I'm asking this question.  The gun was originally in 9mm Mauser not 9mm Steyr.  Cartridge OALs per CIP spec

  • 9 Para - 29.7mm
  • 9 Steyr - 33.1mm
  • 9 Mauser - 35mm
  • 7.62 Tokarev - 35.2mm

So the Tokarev cartridges are less than .008" longer than the Mauser but .083" longer than the Steyr.  If the Mauser and Steyr magazines are built on the same tubes then there won't be an issue but if they aren't...  Given the Teutonic obsession with precision I'm guessing that the mags are caliber-specific and the Steyrs won''t work with Tokarev ammo but I was hoping someone knew one way or the other.  Worst comes to worst I guess that I can buy one and find out

If you find any MP34 extractors hiding on a shelf somewhere I'm interested

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I thought you may be the new owner of that gun!
I was tempted by it, and also thought of telling a friend, but you moved quickly!
I have an MP-30 that has a 9X19 barrel in it.
It was originally an Austrian Police issue gun, the last owner swapped out the barrel.
I sold a lot of those MP-34 "Largo" mags to a gent who had converted his MP-34 to the 9MM Largo from 9MM Steyr.
Gun ran fine.
APEX has a good return policies, if your mags don't work, just return them.
No rush to order, I think we have over 1K in stock.


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The Mauser and Steyr mags / magwell are the same. Obviously the 9x19 mag / magwell guns (like the often seen Portugese crest variant) are different.  

Barrels interchange. Even a rechambered 9x19 barrel (those brought in with the Centerfire kit imports a while ago) would screw in to a 45 cal MP34.  I had to try it when I had a pre-sample 45 cal MP34 (long gone). Getting the 9x19 mag to fit was jury-rigged by wrapping rubber bands around it to keep it from flopping around in the 45 cal magwell. But I did get it to run a couple bursts.

With today's technology, I can see 3d printing mag sleeves to hold the shorter 9x19 mag into the long magwell for better reliability. You can shoot 9x19 in the longer mags. I know that I did that plenty of times. But the 9x19 round could literally be thrown out of the bigger mag by waving the mag like a wand. 

The trick that I recall working for me was to tap the back of the loaded largo mag to seat the 9x19 rounds at the back and insert it that way. I did all of my MP34 shooting 9x19. I had a gun literally EXACTLY like the one you just bought - including the Luftwaffe eagle/ swastika on the stock.  I thought that the one being sold was the same gun that I had and spoke to Steve about it.  

Nice gun that you bought. It has all the bells & whistles. Some variants do not have the bolt lock mechanism. Some do not have the push button detent to push in the topcover release.  I do think that mine and the one you bought do not have the bayonet lug.

I did have a shark fin stock MP30 for a bit. Beautiful gun. It had different proof marks and had a unit (?) name on the metal butt plate. I wish that I could have kept them all!  Enjoy!

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I'm Sitting on over 13K  rounds of Tokarev ammo so I will keep it as a 7.62 for the foreseeable future.  It comes with 3 (9M?) mags but I'd like to find a few more.  I was hoping that that someone could verify whether or not the Steyr/Largo mags will work with Tokarev

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