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Colt On Strumgewehr

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85% overall condition


Mismatched upper and lower.


All original colt internals, wood appears all original.


Early four digit gun with square cocking slot.


Barrel was replaced at some time as the alignment mark is slightly off, barrel appears to be original Colt as well though.


Gun was manufactured on 7/23/21 and was originally sold by Colt to the Will County Sheriffs department in Joliet Illinois (Per Tracie Hill's book).


Have lots of pictures.




Currently on a form four.






a parts gun. Barrel appears to have been replaced. S/N on lower has been punched out so as to be unreadable, so lower is most likely a replacement. Finish is very worn, and is actually missing on rear of the receiver, many deep scratches on the receiver and near the muzzle. Wood is good and interals are correct though. It does have some history and is an early gun. But at this point in it's life, it's a 75 -80% shooter at best. Not trying to flame. I saw this gun about 10 days ago, so I'm just giving my version of the description.


Then a 2nd guy chimes in to say

Wrong way to do it. Buddy will delete the whole post....


Just what was the guy supposed to do if he saw something be mis described in his opinion- Seems to have been described pretty well to me. I don't know nothing but this did seem steep for this Colt. We have talked about greed and NFA price acceleration but to me the guys with the big dinero aren't going to want to buy anything resembling a "junky" gun even if it does say Colt on the receiver- They didn't get wealthy doing that with other "investments"- I'm probably worng and it will sell in a week for 20K+ http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/blink.gif

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