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Early Bar Gas Regulator

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I am looking for an early pattern BAR non-adjustable gas regulator with mounting pin. If you have one for sale please e-mail me at bfryar44@excite.com . I have included three pictures showing what the early pattern looks like. Thanks!


One on the left is the early pattern non-adjustable gasreg. The one on the right is the later pattern adjustable gas regulator.



Side view of early pattern non-adjustable gasreg.



Front view.


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I have yet to find a photo of the adjustable type being used on a BAR during WW2. I have looked through thousands of photos at the National Archives. All photos show the non-adjustable type being used. I want my BAR to be "as issued" during the war. Call me picky I guess.
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Found one! Many thanks to Johan W.
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