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OT: LED Safe Lighting...

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I have been wanting some sort of light for the interior of my safe. It is in a dark corner of the basement and shy of a lamp sitting on top of it, I was without good lighting. I tried a flourescent tube, but it was right at eye level and cast a harsh glare.


The other day, at Wal-Mart, I discovered GE Cabinet Light Flexible LED Light System. It is an 18" long flexible cable with five 1 watt white LED's attached. It has a small transformer power source and the option of an inline switch. I screwed them to the top of one shelf, and they work really nice! No heat, long life, no glare, and low voltage. Just the perfect accent to see what I am doing, yet not so bright as to knock out dark adaption. Five bucks closeout at Wallyworld.




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Rust, I'll tell you what I did. Went to Lowes and bought some ROPE LIGHT It is about 1/2 in in diameter and you can bend it fairly short. you can cut it to length in about one foot increments. I started on one side of the front andwent up and across the top then back down the other side. at the bottom I put a switch that closes when the door is opened. NOTE: the switch closes when the door is opened..... works just like the fridge..... The rope light gives off a nice even light with no hot spots. I am very pleased with it myself. One thing to look out for is watch where you put the rope light in reguard to the door locking pins ( Ihad to go back and move some of mine.) I fastened it in with peel and stick things that you put a wire tie through. Get the 3M brand they stick better. Its no big deal Please send me one of the Ldurms in your safe for this info........YEAH RIGHT...Hope this was useful. 2dogs
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I used regular incandescent lights in my Browning safe, rope lights and LED's were not available back then.

I had adhesion problems with the clips I used.


I had planned to use rope lights in the Fort Knox when it gets here.


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